: A Holistic Approach to Protecting Enterprise Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems

Throughout this course, you have researched risk management considerations in the cybersecurity domain; strategic defenses and controls to protect enterprise networks; cybersecurity standards, management, and best practices; defending against both internal and external threats; and a holistic approach to a robust cybersecurity program.

At this point, the Key Assignments have been completed. The following assignments should have also incorporated any feedback previously received from the instructor and peer reviews:

  • Unit 1 IP: Analyzing Information Security Management System (ISMS); ISO 27002
  • Unit 2 IP: Understanding Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Unit 3 IP: Evaluating Cybersecurity Controls and Practices; Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls
  • Unit 4 IP: Complete Peer Review; Key Assignment First Draft on Implementing and Managing a Holistic Cybersecurity Program
  • Unit 5 IP: The last and final step is to create a 300-word abstract for your project.

Purpose of Abstracts

  • An abstract is always a short document because it is a summary of your research. Your abstract should briefly do the following:
    • State the topic of the research.
    • Give the main objective of the research.
    • Indicate the methodology used.
    • Present the main findings.
    • Present the main conclusions.

The final paper should be between 10–15 pages. Review the final draft of your KA for any changes you would like to make, and incorporate any peer or instructor feedback as you see necessary.

Add the abstract to your project, and submit your final paper to your instructor for grading.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Reading Assignment

Unit 5 Reading Materials

  • This article takes a look at evaluating the holistic variables in a cybersecurity program. Click here to read the article.
  • This article examines why a holistic approach to cybersecurity is so important. Click on this link to learn more.
  • This article takes a look at future cybersecurity threats and challenges. Click on this link to read the article.
  • This article examines the role artificial intelligence plays in cybersecurity. Click here to read the article.

Assignment Objectives

  • Evaluate cybersecurity best practices within business organizations
  • Evaluate the purpose, importance, and primary content of Security Policies, Security Standards, Security Procedures, and Security Awareness within an organization
  • Examine cybersecurity from a technical and managerial perspective
  • Outline the application of techniques for identifying, detecting, and defending against cybersecurity threats within a business environment
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