Abdulrahman Allihiedan;Intellectual Property Rights.

Abdulrahman Allihiedan;Intellectual Property Rights.

Thesis outline: How do challenges of intangibility of the intellectual assets sometimes make it difficult to protect Saudi Arabian IPRs abroad?

Part 1- Introduction
Intellectual property rights (IPRs) are a protection of the exclusivity of ideas and their original creators.  The paper will investigate aspects of the intangibility

of intellectual rights from both the domestic and foreigners’ points of view. Further, the paper will seek to answer questions on whether domestic owners’ rights are

properly protected by the government. Ultimately, the paper will discuss the extent of foreign pilferage due to intangibility of the IPRs.

History and Purpose
A.    A historical account of IPRs in both the Saudi Arabian situation and the global scenario
B.    Definition of key words that revolve around intellectual pilferage (or theft) in this context
C.    What are the fundamental aspects of intellectual property rights and the controversies such as the intangibility aspect surrounding all stakeholders?
D.    What is the account of sensitive aspect of intellectual rights from both the domestic and foreigners’ points of view?
E.    The introduction section also will give a preface to the four parts of the paper namely the, analysis, discussion, recommendation and conclusion.
Part 2-Discussion and Analysis
A.    The laws concerning IPRs In Saudi Arabia
i.    Which existing laws for property protection are scripted on the Laws of Protection, Patents and Trademark Protection?
ii.    To what extent do they protect trade secrets, industrial designs and others that the socio-political climate of the country provides?
iii.    Do domestic property owners and those of foreign descent use the locally available resources in the country to develop their ideas and subsequently derive

financial gain? What is the explanation behind this?
B.    International laws
i.    What is the insight into the international laws that protect IPRs?
ii.    How does the international laws on the IPRs relate to the Saudi laws.
iii.    Some international laws dictate that property rights should not be confined to a specific country or continent and ought to be universal. What is the rationale

behind this?
iv.    Inventions and discoveries are manifested in trademarks, copyrights patents and other works. What is the justification of this aspect?
v.    These resources can be both human, physical and sometimes natural that is located in a particular country or geographical location.
C.    The extent which foreign bodies pilferage domestic IPRs
i.    What is the extent of risk of capital flight that comes from theft of IPRs by foreign countries such as China?
ii.    What are examples on how they make billions of dollars through the property?
D.    Mechanism set by the government of Saudi Arabia to protect IPRs
i.    It is a sensitive topic because there ought to be a balance between foreign incentives and domestic development. Why is that the case?
ii.    What are the legal and constitutional standards set by state to safeguard the IPRs?
iii.    How does the research investigate aspects of intellectual rights and the mechanisms in place by the IPRs and those that are yet to be implemented?
The mechanisms include using;
a.     Legal information centers to create awareness of IPRs
b.    Creating domestic and foreign links to safeguard IPRs on the international levels.
c.    Incorporating stiffer penalties on those that breach the given laws.
Part 3-Recommendation and conclusion
The two sections look at the way forward and point out loopholes in the system. Ultimately a conclusion for the entire subject matter will be given.


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