ACCT 642

Please review the two attached articles and write a short report/analysis on why Federal Reserve is actively working on increasing the U.S. dollar liquidity for foreign central banks.


Please include discussion on the following issues:

  1. What measures the Federal Reserve is taking to support the provision of U.S. dollar liquidity?
  2. Why U.S. dollar liquidity is important?
  3. Why there is a U.S. liquidity problem for foreign central banks (and corporations and investors) in the first place?
  4. If liquidity of U.S. dollar overseas dries up, what will be the likely impact for U.S. corporations and economy?

The report should be concise (maximum two-page long) and well formatted. You are also encouraged to cite other articles and sources in your report. Please edit your report in Microsoft Word and submit your work as an attachment on Blackboard. The format will be considered when grading.

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