Advocacy letter

Advocacy letter

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the bill is going to be SB 114 – State Minimum Wage which i got it from then need to find 2 peer review at then click on databases by tittle, click on Academic Search Complete. then MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON SCHOLARLY PEER REVIEWED, and then seach for the tittle of the bill which is State Minimum Wage very important to look the file that i am going to upload. ID# R12007944 pin# : 0827 you will need thta info to look for the peer reviewed

Advocacy Letter Instructions
1. Find a bill currently being discussed in the state or federal congressesand write an advocacy letter for or against the bill. You must include the Bill’s Name & Number in letter.
(a). Florida legislative bills may be found under The Florida House of Representative or The Florida Senate websites.
(b). U.S. congressional bills may be found at The United States Senate or theUnited States House of Representatives

2. Find independent academic research on the topic to incorporate into your advocacy letter. You are an academic scholar therefore you must write like one by citing current academic research that supports your cause. This is easy, go into the library and ask a librarian for help finding “peer reviewed” academic research on the topic. You must cite the researcher’s findings and their findings must support your cause. You are expected to include at least TWO “peer reviewed” sources in your letter by using footnote citation.
[If you miss my lecture on how to find peer reviewed research and how to cite in a footnote,     you MUST see me during my office hours.]

3. Write an advocacy letter that includes TWO academic sourcesby following the advocacy letter example given on the back of this paper. Make sure to address the letter to your congressional representative(either at the state or federallevel) which means you are responsible for looking up the person’s name and work address.
4. The paper must be written in business letter format.
5. Bring the advocacy letter to class and share it with your classmates for proofreading. You are expected to evaluate and comment on your classmates’ letters. Remember, peer evaluations give you the opportunity to assess other students’ writing, analyze your writing in contrast to your classmates, and inspire you to present your best work to a “real audience.”
6. Take the paper home and make all necessary changes. Final draft is due the following class.
7. Submit the final draft onD2L under “assignments.”
8. Submit your letter to the professor for a grade. The letter must be placed in an addressed envelope with a stamp. DO NOT seal envelope.
9. Letters that DO NOT meet all of the criteria listed above will be returned to the student with the professor’s feedback. In order to get a grade for the assignment, the student must rewrite the letter and resubmit it.This is a PASS/FAIL assignment, meaning there are only two grades: ZERO and 100%.

Paragraph 1:
– Lead with your request by asking for the politician to support or reject the bill, including the specific bill name and number(s).[Exp. I am writing as a constituent to encourage you to support/reject (state title of bill) in General Assembly Bill No. —-/Senate Bill No. —-.]
– Paraphrase (meaning write in your own words) what the bill is about
– State what the bill would do and why it is good/bad for Floridians

Paragraph 2:
– Explain who you are and why you are supporting/rejecting the bill.[Exp. I want to share with you my story (or your experience, observations, concerns etc.) about the importance of (issue) example.]Tell your story or provide other factual support for why the support is needed.

Paragraph 3:
-Start by explaining your opposition’s reasoning (meaning if you are asking for support, explain why others want the bill rejected or vice versa)
-Then provide TWO peer reviewed academic sources whose findings support your stand and show why your opposition is “wrong”
-Make sure the TWO different peer review findings flow together logically in the paragraph
-Make sure you cite the research using footnotes. Remember you are NOT writing to an academic, in text citation might confuse the reader.

Paragraph 4:
– Write a conclusionthanking the politician for taking the time to read the letter and ask for the politician to write you back.


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