Assignment 1: The Scavenger Hunt  Due Week 3 and worth 100 points

Assignment 1: The Scavenger Hunt

Due Week 3 and worth 100 points

Let’s put your investigative skills to work! In this assignment, visit the Strayer online library located in or the Resource Center tab in Blackboard and find four (4) peer-reviewed quantitative articles related to your topic. Read each article.

Write a three (3) page paper in which you:

  1. Summarize each article [approximately one to two (1-2) paragraphs per article] and identify the:
  2. Purpose of the research.
  3. Problem statement.
  4. Gaps in literature that studied the problem.
  5. Research question and/or hypotheses.
  6. Theory or conceptual framework.
  7. Findings of the research.
  8. Describe one to two (1-2) aspects of each article that are relevant to the research topic you have chosen.
  9. Provide a preliminary reference page in APA format of the articles you summarized.
  10. Include at least four (4) peer-reviewed quantitative or qualitative articles related to your topic.
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