Assignmnet#2 Engl 100

Assignmnet#2 Engl 100

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The environment wherein which


the person lives affect


Sub/verb agreement

him in many ways such as in the way he thinks, the manner in which he interacts with others, and in making decisions that would change the direction of his life. The

people surrounding the individual and the social culture of the household and community around him, all influence what the person becomes. In Amy Tan’s short story,

Rules of the Game,

quotation marks for story titles, no italics

the protagonist uses the lessons she learned from her mother and the Chinese upbringing the mother imposes upon her, to find her own self and achieve independence.
Waverley Place Jong’s mother is a traditional Chinese woman who believes that the Chinese way of raising children is the best way. Her intentions are good. She does

not spoil her children. The family is not rich but they eat three five-course meals a day. She is proud of her heritage so that even when Waverley (Meimei to the

family) asks her if it is true that the Chinese do tortures, the mother replies that “We do torture. Best torture (Tan).” She also knows that being in


American, she has to follow the American rules, even if they seem stupid to her. Her mother pushes Meimei to excel. She also believes in feigning humility. This

style suggestion: maybe be sparing with “this,” often a weak and vague transitional expression

is the kind of rearing that the protagonist grew up with so that all her life Meimei is driven to be proud, excel, not question American rules, and to feign humility.
This style of upbringing, however, would stifle Meimei and bring about her conflict with her mother. When Meimei was only beginning chess, her mother was hesitant to

her join

Not sure what is meant

tournaments. When she starts winning and becomes a celebrity in the neighborhood, her mother feels as if Meimei’s achievements are hers as well and that without her,

Meimei would have not accomplished what she had. In spite her ignorance and lack of knowledge behind the logic of the game, she would tell her daughter to lose less

chess pieces, to Meimei’s consternation. It also annoyed Meimei that her mother announces her to the shops



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