autonomous cars safe or not.

autonomous cars safe or not.

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Annotated Bibliography for Autonomous cars

Arora, Meeshika. “AUTONOMOUS DRIVEN CAR.” International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences 3 (2013): 36-9.
This article talks about how an autonomous car can be able to operate in urban settings, which have erratic traffic. In that, traffic in an urban setting is not predictable. As such, they are subject to flaunting traffic rules. Therefore, the study notes that several real time systems ought to interoperate, which include control and environment planning. Moreover, the autonomous driven car would require having a platform with adequate sensors and computerized hardware in addition to networking and software infrastructure. This article is essential for this study because it describes another variable, which should be considered when developing autonomous cars.
Vasavi, K., M. V. S. Praveen, and Andhra Pradesh GITAM University Visakhapatnam. “Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Autonomous Car.” International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 9.15 (2014): 783-90.

This is an article depicting the need for driving models, which researchers require to enhance the design of autonomous vehicles. Therefore, they note that the driving model requires several components in order for it to become useful. The driving model should note the required information the manner in which it is processed. As such, the study demonstrates how the car can be able to avoid obstacles. At the same time, the car is solar powered and its interface, IR sensor, Circuit board, and the manner the main controller receives a command to drive the car autonomously. As such, this article is important since it provides information on the controls of the car and at the same time, remaining efficient.
Benecchi, Antonio, Craig Berkowitz, and Francis Cizmar. Toward the Autonomous Car. 117 Vol. Cincinnati: Gardner Business Media Inc, 2005.
This article talks focuses on vehicle infrastructure integration, which is the midpoint between what is depicted in action movies and automotive engineering journals regard ng autonomous vehicles.  Autonomous car’s system of development is referred to as VIII and its major component is the roadway or trajectory. As such, the study explore the aspect of a nationwide VIII system. Therefore, the development of autonomous cars should incorporate the VIII system in their development. As such, a well develop VIII network would ensure the roadways are safer. This article is important for this study because it informs on the importance of focusing not only on the autonomous cars, but also on their roadways.
Duffy, Kaylie. Autonomous Cars can be Trusted. Highlands Ranch: Advantage Business Media, 2015.
This is an article, which depicts the importance of autonomous cars. Each year, numerous automobile manufacturers push for the autonomy of vehicles. Despite the progress made, the attitude of the public remains divided. As such, this article analyses the two sides of the varying public opinion on the same issue and tries to analyse both sides depicts autonomous cars as safe, and should be trusted. This article is significant for the study because it analyses the public opinion, which affects the uptake of autonomous vehicles by the public.
Nishimoto, Alex. Google Unveils Autonomous Car Prototype. 66 Vol. Los Angeles: Source Interlink Media, LLC, 2014.
This article explores the recent developments in the field of autonomous cars. As such, it notes that google has revealed the design for the first autonomous car. The article notes that Google’s prototype is purposely build for autonomous driving unlike the self-driving ones developed like companies like Toyota Prius and Lexus. The design of this prototype is like a bubble with overhangs on the rear or front. This article provides information on an actual autonomous car even though it is only a prototype.
Francis, Esther. Autonomous Cars: No Longer just Science Fiction. Vol 193. Radnor: Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications, 2014.
The article focuses on zFAS, which is a system that will enable auto-driving features in the long awaited Audi cars. The article demonstrates that autonomous cars are no longer fiction but a reality. Audi Company builds high performance vehicles and the integration of software, and processing will enable the cars to navigate using google-earth system. This article is important to this study since it will provide more insight on the systems used to develop autonomous vehicles.


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