balanced scorecard and its impact on the organization's performance

balanced scorecard and its impact on the organization’s performance

Order Description

the research paper should contain as following :
1- executive summary
one paragraph explain the study ,problem and objectives
one paragraph for methodology
one paragraph for analysis and discussion
one for findings and recommendations

2- introduction
*study aim and objectives
*problem definition
*study rationale

3-literature review will be better if the literature will be from recent studies 2009 till 2015 the literature will be about 2500 words to 3000 the literature should be as argument for example(this author argued that another author describe, wile other discuss) it is just an example and it should include as following :
* balanced scorecard definition history,and improvement you have to add a literature figure could support the literature review (here you can write from historical literature for kaplan and norton and discuss it with the recent definition
*how the balanced scorecard impact the organization performance
*performance measurement KPIs

4-conceptual model reflect the factors on the literature review

5- methodology : the methodology should be qualitative and the data collection should be primary based on interview or questionnaire
the questions should be mentioned in the appendix

6-case study analysis and discussion
you don’t have to name the organization just MENTION it as X ORGANIZATION the case study analysis and discussion should contains as following:
*brief about the company
* organization strategy
*how the organization link between its strategy and balanced scorecard
you should add chart or figure explain the linking
*how the organization measure the performance cascading (KPIs)(individual,division then the whole organization)through BSC to achieve the organization performance you should add models and figures
*discussion and and analysis on balanced scorecard explain about each aspect (financial,customer,internal process and learning and growth)in the organization and how the organization was before implement the balanced score card and after you should add charts and graphs (not copied one)


8-conclusion and recommendations


10- appendixes (questions for interview and questionnaire)


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