Below is the refer /defer work segregated between task one and task two.

Below is the refer /defer work segregated between task one and task two.  If you failed task one (Skills Audit and Development Plan) then only complete the refer work task one; the same applies to task two.  If you are unsure please contact your seminar tutor.


Submission points including submission dates are available on Blackboard as are Turnitin submission points for both pieces of assessment.  It is your responsibility to ensure you submit the correct piece(s) of work to both the Turnitin submission point and the Re-assessment submission point.


Task One:

Using appropriate academic literature and bodies examining professional qualifications identify and critically evaluate the five key skills which are vital for business leaders in the current business climate to ensure the organisations they work for are successful and how they demonstrate these skills in their day to day work.


Task Two:

Critically evaluate the theories, approaches and strategies of effectively managing and leading teams, including leading multiple and remote teams.  Critically assess the tools and techniques for developing current and future team capabilities and requirements and highlight best practices in both of these areas.  Finally reflect on how you will/have shaped your own core values as a future manager and leader.



Additional Information:

The word count for both tasks is 1,500 – 2,000 word using SHU regulations of +/- 10%.  Any work over the word count will not be marked.  Ensure your work is written to the appropriate academic standards, correctly referenced and using appropriate conventions for bibliography, appendices, etc.


If you have any questions please contact your seminar tutor in the first instance.

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