Business Economics

Business Economics

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Assignment Remit
Choose a business organisation relevant to your programme of study and complete
the following tasks:

1. Briefly describe the product or service it provides and identify its business objectives.
2. Provide examples of the key factors which affect demand for and supply of this organisation’s product or service
3. Give examples of the organisation’s competitors and explain the nature of this competition making reference to the relevant market structure
4. Identify and discuss one relevant factor from the macroeconomic environment which affects this organisation• You should begin the work with a brief introduction.

This should outline the purpose and contents of the coursework. Write no more than 150 words on these points.
• Task 1 will be based on the material covered in Week 1’s lecture and should be answered within 450 words. Please access the slides on UCB online for help if it is

required and look at the sources listed on the reading list/MDS for this week too. In Week 1, we looked at business objectives. Remember to clarify whether the

business chosen operates in the private or public sector as this will help you identify these objectives.

You may also find some of the material included in Week 3’s lecture of relevance in this task as well. A brief statement on the form of growth appropriate could be

given if it’s relevant.
• Task 2 concerns the factors relating to demand for the organisation’s product/service and its supply and should be answered within 450 words. These factors were

given coverage in Week 2’s lecture so refer to the notes and sources listed on the reading list/MDS for this session. Focus on perhaps 4 factors in total on this task

(two relating to demand and two for supply).
• Task 3 is about competition and market structures. Please look at the notes and sources relating to Week 4 here and write no more than 450 words. In the private

sector, firms may have many competitors; in the public sector there may be no competition. You need to explain this in regard to your chosen business.
• Task 4 concerns the macro economy and the material covered in Week 5 will be of relevance here. You need to focus on what you feel is the most relevant factor from

the macroeconomic environment and explain how and why it affects the chosen organisation. This task should be answered within 450 words.
• End the work with a brief conclusion. This needs to outline the key finding from each task only and should be answered in about 50 words.
• Referencing is an important aspect of all academic work. You should be able to support your comments and analysis with suitable references to the text books listed

in the MDS.
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