Business Writings And Communications

  1. Using the team outline from Part 2, write a 15-page report (3,750 word, double-spaced, 12-point font) on the topic assigned by the instructor.
  2. Prepare, proof read, and edit the team report. You must have at least 10 academic or peer reviewed references for the paper.
  3. Follow these steps:
    1. Write about your five selected topics as included in your outline. Each topic must have at least three reference sources.
    2. Organize your paper in a logical format and ensure it is supported by the introduction (including a thesis statement), then body, then conclusion (say what you are going to say, say it, then say what you said).
    3. Apply headings to each section.
    4. Review the in-body references (Are they properly cited? Are they also listed on the reference page?)
    5. Build a table of contents in Word using level 1, 2, and 3 headings
    6. Input your outline in the body so you can just plug in the parts.
    7. Write the introduction paragraph, with thesis statement, and what this paper examines
    8. Review the readings on APA format.
    9. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (cover page, headers, headings, reference page, and page numbers).
    10. Prepare and submit the team report to the assignment forum on the assigned due date.
    11. Compile all references on one separate page.
    12. Select one team member to submit the assignment to the assignment forum
  4. Download the Peer Evaluation Form. Think carefully over the next few units regarding how your team has collaborated and how each member has contributed.  The peer evaluation gives each student the opportunity to assess his/her teammates on preparation, participation, interpersonal relations, and collaboration. You also have the opportunity to reflect on your learning outcomes from the group experience.


Your overall submission should include:

  1. Title page (include title, name, date, course code/title, instructor name).
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Introduction (explain what is comprised within document – should include a clear purpose/thesis statement)
  4. Body (3-4 relevant points related to topic, each supported with one paragraph supported by at least one reference). For each topic you are to have 3 academic or peer-reviewed sources.
  5. Recommendations and Conclusion (confirms what was said in body)
  6. Reference Page (full references for all work cited in body)


Helpful Hints

  • Papers written with double-spacing allows for easier review and editing.
  • Use APA referencing guidelines for citations and references. Click here to review “APA Style”.
  • Do not write in first person (I) but rather the third (they, he, she).
  • Do not use Wikipedia as a reference – it is not an academic source.
  • Ensure all references are academic sources. If an article is found in an academic journal in one of the library databases, then you can assume it has been peer reviewed and thus acceptable. Many articles found readily online may not have been exposed to any editorial vetting process, and thus should not be used as a resource.
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