Canada population aging( economic health)

Canada population aging( economic health)

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The individual project is worth 30% of your final grade and is to be submitted via turnitin and ought to be 3000 words (plus or minus 10%). Also, you will find hints

as to how to write a good paper.

Given that Canada faces multiple problems in the health care sector, choose ONE of

Population aging
Wait times
and critically analyze policy options for solving the issue.

A good paper includes an introduction (outlining the research question and its importance), some background (literature that precedes your work as well as geographical

and/or legal considerations), observations (this is where you deal with theory or what happens in other jurisdictions that is relevant to your paper, and a conclusion

(where you highlight your critical points but also point to implications for policy, what needs to be studied further, and what alternatives there might be).

Using the sub-headings listed above can actually force you to do some critical analysis. That is particularly true when considering implications, weaknesses in your

paper and how further study might solve some of those weaknesses. Recognizing that you have not reached final perfection and how to improve upon your work is an

important skill which can be used in other courses, your job, and your life.

For assistance with writing your essay take advantage of the resources available from the Writing Centre such as “getting started” and “the essay structure”.

I highly recommend that you use the assignment planner tool available from Writing Services to help break down the research and writing process into manageable chunks.

If you wish to submit a proposal for your paper, you may do so by day 1 of week 6, and if you wish to submit a draft you may do so by day 1 of week 7. The professor

only has so much time to give feedback but will attempt to do so for any meeting these deadlines (no grade will be revealed as the point is to get feedback).

This is an academic work so it is wise to think of it as such. It is not a newspaper article which has quite different standards. Your reference list ought to include

some refereed items beyond what has been recommended in the course. The library permits you to search books and academic journals (such as the Journal of Health

Economics) and in the latter case, to access the full article from home.


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