Case Study;Coach K and Knight

Case Study;Coach K and Knight

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Answering the following Question based on your understanding and critical thinking of the two cases study of two business cases from Harvard Business School.Attached already! The answers should be grounded in the different theories and frameworks discussed in class.Below are the Qs:

1. Briefly describe the approaches of Coach K and Knight. Then compare and contrast their styles by reflecting on your own perception of their basic assumptions about human nature, motivation, and management?
2. Generally speaking, who do you think is more effective? Why? Under what conditions would you hire Coach K? Coach Knight?
3. In the context of Saudi Arabia, who do you think will be more effective and why?
4. Think of a time when you motivated someone else to perform at their best. Why were ?they demotivated and why were you effective?
5. What demotivates you personally? Think of a time when someone else (manager/coach/parent/teacher/friend) motivated you to perform at your best. Why were they effective?
while answering all the questions, you are expected to reflect on concepts covered in class, particularly those related to personality, perception and motivation. This means that the answers to the questions listed above should be in reference to the theories and constructs covered in class and in your text books.

cover page, outline, references, and appendices are required. One page for each.

Answers to questions should be submitted in one MS word document, using Times New Romans, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, and should not be more than 20 pages, excluding the cover page, outline, references, and appendices. Mine will be 15 pages all in all.

The is the name of book to make sure about the reference.

Bratton, J., Sawchuk, P., Forshaw, C., Callinan, M, and Corbett, M.N. (2010). Work and organisational behaviour, 2nd ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan


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