Charity events and fundraising

Charity events and fundraising

Answer ONE of the following Briefs.

2. Proposal for National Charity Event
You are required to act as a Consultant who has been asked to provide a convincing and realistic PROPOSAL for a major Charity Event which will take place within a 30 mile radius of London in the summer of 2015. The Charity in question will be Save The Children which works globally to improve children’s lives and give them a brighter future. The charity would like this event to raise a minimum of £20,000. This will be one of their key UK events for 2015.
The proposal must give sufficient information to convince and assure the charity that this:
• will be a viable event which matches the charity’s overall mission and aims
• will be well received by the target market and their supporters
• will raise the target funds that they hope to achieve

Your Project Brief must be presented in a professional REPORT format of 3,000 words.

It must use the following structure:

You must clearly JUSTIFY your decisions in the report using Event Management theory – it is not sufficient to simply describe or list your ideas. Please use theory where appropriate to support your arguments.
Remember to use the Harvard SHU method of referencing and to include a Reference List at the back of the report.

Your Appendix should include the following as a minimum:
a) You must include a Budget – there are templates on Blackboard
b) There are also basic Gantt chart templates (in Word and Excel) on Blackboard for the Event Project Plan. This can be as simple or as extensive as you like; however you must demonstrate how you would apply event planning theory in practice to the organisation of your event to include staffing,
marketing and production.
c) Your Presentation Pitch should consist of exactly 10 PowerPoint slides, which would accompany your proposal, if you were presenting your event to your chosen Charity in a 15 minute pitch. Each slide should merely summarise the 8 sections outlined above in your Project Brief, plus 1 Introduction slide and 1 Summary slide. No reference slide is required and only minimal text per slide is advised. Please print this presentation as “Handouts (6 slides per page)” and include it as an Appendix to the proposal (you won’t need to actually present it).


1. Background of your chosen charity including its strategic mission and aims
2. Event Details: including Location, Theme and 3-5 SMART Objectives
3. Programme and Fundraising Activities
4. Proposal Justification
5. Target Audience, Marketing and Sponsorship
6. Ethical and Legal Considerations
7. Evaluation Methods
8. Event Project Management Plan: to include staffing, marketing and production plan


Reference List

Appendix to include as a minimum:
a) Budget
b) Event Project Plan
c) Presentation Pitch, consisting of 10 slides


Assessment Criteria

• Ability to apply relevant theory and information to the problem set and to demonstrate an understanding
of innovative Charity Event organisation 40%

• Ability to source relevant material and to reference accurately 30%

• Ability to present material in a professional and convincing way 20%

• Understanding of ethical issues concerned with Charity Events and Fundraising 10%


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