Computer Science homework help

1. “ITPM Best Practices” Please respond to the following:

· Explain how ITPM best practices can align the IT portfolio with business requirements in order to create the greatest possible value for the organization.

· Assess the systems development life-cycle (SDLC) and explain how the life cycle, when executed properly, can maximize business value. Note: All stakeholders point of view should be considered.

· Post two times for full credit.

· Use an APA Reference

2.  “Service Delivery Models” Please respond to the following:

· Evaluate the service delivery models. Select the options that, in your opinion, are most efficient together regardless of industry. Additionally, select the models that work best in particular industries. Justify your response.

· Determine how a company’s selection of a Service Delivery Model could impact business value. Provide an example to justify your response.

· Post Two Times For Full Credit

· Use an APA Reference

3.  What do you see as the primary reason to use a for loop? What is one of its limitations? In those situations, is there another type of loop that would be a better choice? CIS110

4. “Which social media platform has the biggest impact?

Please respond to the following:

· Out of the seven (7) platforms that we covered, which platform has had the biggest impact for the business of your choice, and why do you think that was the case? Justify your response.

· It could be argued that Facebook is the current trend setter and leader as a social media platform for marketing. Of the other six (6) social media discussed so far, which social media platform do you think will be the one to replace Facebook one day? Why do you think this?

5. Your coworker has created a vague and incomplete Entity Relationship Diagram. Describe the negative effects to the database if an ERD is not completed correctly.

Besides creating relationships between tables, you need to plan for capacity. Describe the most important aspects of scalability and capacity as they apply to a database. Find and share a useful resource that could be used to learn how to create ERDs or to help plan for capacity.

6.  The Pledge to Eliminate Poverty 

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals were created to provide developing countries support through the partnership of developed countries. Now the UN is working towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  These two videos look briefly at these:

Watch Video

8 Millennium Development Goals: What We Met And Missed

User: n/a –  Added: 9/23/14

Watch Video

The Sustainable Development Goals – Action Towards 2030 | CAFOD and SDGs

User: n/a –  Added: 8/16/16

The Sustainable Development Goals are very dynamic.  Do you see the goals are achievable?  Do you see all the goals as necessarily desirable or even practical to achieve?  Do you feel they can be reached by 2030 in a world were governments, cultures, and resources differ greatly?

Please explore in some detail, and remember to post to your classmates too.

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