Critique of a Podcast for Future Students

Critique of a Podcast for Future Students

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The site of the podcast that I need critiqued is

The requirements are:For Essay #4 select, for future students in the social program, a ?must read? article or video. Students must identify the resource and then make

a case why it should be a required assignment in either SSC100 or SSC 420. Remember that undergraduate students have very diverse interests or background knowledge.

The SSC420 student completing this essay must describe; a) a rationale for selecting the resource; b) a description of its value or usefulness for future students; and

then c) a discussion of the limitations of the content of the resource. Students will have the opportunity to revise the essay after submitting it once for critique to

the instructor. It must be written using APA style.

The IDEAL essay would show the following elements. The grade for the essay will depend upon the number and quality of elements present.

A) Specific Criteria
1. Specifically, how does the resource add to future students? understanding of; a) either the origins/history of the social sciences; or b) social science methods; or

c) to contributions made by a specific social science discipline; or d) the future of science literacy or working in an applied profession?
2. Who produced the resource, when, for what purposes, with what audience in mind?
3. Why should this resource be a required assignment for social science students and in what course?
4. What NEW knowledge or skills might this resource make future students aware of?
5. What are the limitations or weaknesses of the resource?
6. How would you recommend that their learning be assessed after the assignment is completed?

B) General Criteria
1. Can seek out and identify new resources within the social sciences;
2. Can critique published materials at the senior level;
3. Can demonstrate senior level writing ability and use of APA style?
4. Demonstrates student?s ability to think critically and identify limitations
5. Demonstrates senior level information literacy skills


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