designing to apply new concepts in a practical way

designing to apply new concepts in a practical way

Assignment instructions:-
The scope of this assignment is Procurement applied to your Project Management organization. It is designed to apply new concepts in a practical way.
1. Choose a web site specific to a contractor or supplier related to your field in PM. Identify the company and very briefly summarize their scope of activities. Note that there are not many marks for this part of the assignment. It represents an introduction and framework for the balance of the assignment.
2. Discuss with the support of appropriate refereed articles, the ways the web site enables you to carry out preliminary prequalification of the company (for a hypothetical tender). In this part you should make up a tender scenario associated with the company you have identified. Dont be too elaborate. Think and write about prequalification and show the ways that the company provides specific prequalification information on its web site. Identify prequalification information/ detail where it occurs. Obviously the web site will have to have some appropriate information that would relate to prequalification. If not, choose another web site that does.
3. With reference to your own Project management organization, describe how prequalification will help produce a successful project outcome. Think about your organization and suggest the benefits to tendering processes that you may achieve when you carefully prequalify the company that you have identified.

Layout instructions:-
1-The references must be Chicago style and a minimum of 7 independent sources referenced,
2 of which must be from appropriate/ recent journal articles.
In-text references there are two ways and dont use one way only.!
A- reference the author at the begning of the sentence such as John( believes/ argues/statesetc)
B- reference the author at the end of the sentence ((John,1990)

2- the typing (12 font minimum, 2.5cm margins all round, single space) on A4 paper
punctuated with appropriate headings, stapled together (top left)


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