This discussion is meant to be an opportunity for you to explore health-related research. Using the skills you learned from the lecture given by Alfred Mowdood (he came to class on 9/12) you need to find a research article from a peer-reviewed journal on one of the following topics:

  • Health concerns of older adults (50+ years old)
  • How stress impacts health
  • Medical marijuana used to treat pain
  • Opiod abuse in the United States
  • Health risks associated with e-cigarettes/vaping

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Post the article you found. It must be the full-text article in a format that you can attach (e.g., PDF, .doc, .docx etc). Do not post a link to the the article! Failure to actually post an article will result in an “incomplete”
  2. Explain how you found the article. What database did you use? What search terms did you use?
  3. Out of all the articles you found in your search, why did you choose this particular one to use for this assignment?
  4. What was the research question the author(s) were trying to answer with their study?

I encourage you to respond to the posts of your group members, but that is not required.

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