Education questions

Education   questions

Project description
answer the given questions:

1. Children in this stage, use the dramatic play area to demonstrate what they see at home or elsewhere. Observe preschool children playing a pretend game. What

materials ( symbols) did they use to communicate their roles? ( blocks for telephone, etc) How is there role play realistic? Recall an instance where a child

dramatized something he/ she saw at home.

2.Gender roles have changed in this current culture. How have they changed? Do you think learning gender roles is easier or more difficult for todays children than for

children 50 years ago? Watch a youtube episode of Leave it to Beaver to get a clearer view of gender roles in everyday life. ( or media representation)

3. Friendships. Describe how you would support or help children’s learning through developing friendships and where would that role stop? Describe a time where you

allowed two children to resolve a conflict by themselves. When did you have to ” step in?”.

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