Film Analysis

Film Analysis

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Film Analysis
The assignments are two parts, one is oral presentation(handouts, PowerPoint, note cards or papers contain detail the PowerPoint because I want to read them when I

give the presentation), and the second is analytical papers which are all about the same topic. You will be analyzing Memento Film of the director Christopher Nolan

from particular perspective or critical approach Auteur Theory.
Part one:
Notes about the presentation:
1- You can use this film’s clip from the YouTube or any website in the PowerPoint .
2- Or you can use other clips, but they should be at 10 minutes total.
3- You have to mention the characters’ names and the plot because some students may have not seen the movie. For example certain situation played by someone.
4- You have to give briefly what is the meaning or the definition of the auteur theory.
5- Don’t spending much times telling the story over because this is not analyzing this is telling story? So be careful about that.
6- The total times for the presentation is 20-25 minutes, so I want to speak 10 minutes and show clips the rest of the time.
7- The handout papers should be no longer than 2pages . You should write in the handouts what you have written or mention in the PowerPoint with more detail.

You should watch the movie in order to be able to analyze it.
You can find some CLIPS of the movie on YouTube.
Part two is the analytical research paper, which is also about the same film and theory too:

Important notes:
1- In the paper you have to use at least more than 6 resources.
2- You have to mention what critics said about how Auteur theory is used in most of Christopher Nolan’s film.
3- The length of the paper most be 15 to 16 pages pals the cover and the references’ pages.
4- Be careful about the plagiarism.
5- This professor likes too much the paper which makes him thinks, so be creative.
6- If you have any question, please let me know before you write the paper.


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