GARY PISANO;PAMELA ADAMS/nVF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy

GARY PISANO;PAMELA ADAMS/nVF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy

The main purpose and key point of this paper work is to analysis and extract the issue form VF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy case and come up with private solution, recommendation and what new approach, new ideas or innovate could be apply. The require is to read entire case study of VF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy and follow guidelines mention below. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Ensure FREE PLAGIARISM, this assignment will be submit throw TURN IT IN.
The final paper must be at least 3500 words and include the following;
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction
–    Write Introduction consist of two parts. Part one, how the VF Brands case implement supply chain strategy specially the third way strategy (apparel industry). Part two, our contribution how do we analyze the case and come up with solution and recommendation what we can add in this study
–    What risk could be involve in apparel industry and how this affect supply chain performance

3. Major issues of the case and Analysis of the major issues using tools and understanding.
–    First List all problem and major issues in the case (mention the issues)
–    Analysis all major issues and problems. How to solve these issues and can we solve this issues and problem present in the case, what I mean Talk about issues (For example as hint why do company outsource).
–    Apply supply chain management  ideas applicable
4. Alternatives
–    Looking at third way strategy is one of alternative (VF Brands company go for it)
–    Look to another alternatives you can think about it
–    What is the another solution, come up with something else
–    Alternatives come before solution
–    What are the choices why have or how many choices we have
–    How many way  you can solve the problem

5. Solutions and Recommendations
–    What we decide whether VF applies third way strategy or come up with new solution and ideas. What recommendations can we provide
–    We can select one solution and talk about
–    Solution and recommendations could be one
–    This part explains your ideas, contribution, and suggestion. It is not just about collection and summarizing material from the case we use, It must reflect signs of critical understanding and be creative

7. Update of the case
–    Do research find out more about the company right now
–    What happen from the case written until now what is the update and what decision made by VF Brand company recently


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