How did Puritan settlers shape American history?

How did Puritan settlers shape American history?

Overview and Purpose
The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about the development of colonial New England and the role that religion played in early American settlement. At the

same time, you will be sharpening your writing skills. The essay will draw from Sarah Vowell’s fascinating book The Wordy Shipmates and the textbook.

The Question
After reading, write an essay that addresses the following question: How did Puritan settlers shape American history? Your essay must include a clear thesis statement

and provide concrete examples from the book and the textbook.

The direction you take is entirely your own, but you might consider the following themes or questions:
•    Examine American exceptionalism and the Puritan worldview
•    Explore the roots of democracy during the colonial period
•    Dissect the interactions between settlers and natives
•    Appraise Puritan theology and Congregationalist churches
•    Analyze the consequences of the Pequot War and/or King Philip’s War
•    Investigate Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, and the founding of Rhode Island
•    Study the role of women in Massachusetts Bay Colony and colonial America

Before writing, please refer to the grading rubric and other course resources posted on Blackboard. If you have any questions or need help, please contact me.

The Draft (Due at 7:00 p.m. sharp in class on Wednesday, February 25)
You are turning in a draft to learn that writing is a process and that good writers always revise. It will also help you improve your final essay (and final essay

grade)! The draft should be complete and include all criteria listed in the grading rubric as well as all citations and a works cited page or bibliography.

The draft will be graded with the same standards and rubric as the final version. You will be docked points for a short essay, missing citations, a missing works cited

page, using poor sources, or other criteria defined in the grading rubric. If you plagiarize the draft, you will be turned in to the  University’s Student Affairs

Officer. You must attach your graded draft to the final version.


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