How It Works “This is easy”




After you click order now,you will be given a page to fill all the assignment details.If need to upload the file,this will be done after you have finished filling the required order details,after then you will go to manage orders,open your order by clicking the order number ,on your right,you will see upload file.

If the order price is above the specified amount,you will have to enter the coupon code to get your discount and click verify code.Below,you will fill your details including your email,username ,password among others..After you click on proceed to checkout,you will be taken to your new page were you will see a description of what you have filled.Scroll down the page to see “pay with paypal” and click paypal icon.Once the payment is made,the notification message will reach the scholars of the specified field.They will work on your assignment based on your time-frame. You will therefore get your answer on completed menu of your page when you login again using your previous username and password.(On completed menu or manage order menu open your order,you will see :Order details,Files,Messages..Therefore,your answer is found on Files named your order number)

To completely place your pending orders,click pending order menu on your left ,you can see the order number you want to complete,click ” pay now” ,the page order will open,scroll down and you will see “pay with paypal”

“You can make more orders if you have an account with us,the first order will give you a chance to have an account with us.”Otherwise you can view the slides below for more insight.

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