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How to Write an Essay

The process of writing operates within the confines of similar concepts as applicable to every other art. The trajectory relative to the development of commendable writing skills involves mastering a diverse array of critical elements. Accordingly, thus, a writer who aspires to be exemplary must incorporate a variety of considerable steps. Thus far, this article will discuss the said steps in the context of how they promote the development of good writing skills.

Decide on the type of essay

Before commencing the actual writing process, it is necessary for one to decisively choose the type of essay that one wishes to write. One may seemingly opt to write one of four essay categories, including, but not limited to; persuasive, expository, narrative, as well as descriptive essay categories. A narrative essay entails the use of informal and straightforward language in relating events as if one were telling the events as captured in a story. One may similarly opt to write an expository essay, which majorly involves a close examination of events as they unfurl. An expository essay, in this regard, involves an explanation of the scope of a particular process. A persuasive essay, on the other hand, involves the prospects of appealing to the reader on a particular topic. A descriptive essay, on the other hand, entails a description of one’s experiences.


The next step ascribes the crucial need for the development of an essay topic before one decides to pour their heart out on paper. The process of brainstorming through a diverse array of one’s options in search of a better essay topic plays a critical role in coming up with a commendable essay. A valid process for brainstorming involves the implementation of a wide array of concepts. First off, it is recommended that one must note down whatever topics stream through one’s minds in a bid to narrow on what topic to write on later. One may also opt to mind map ideas in an attempt to come up with a perfect idea on which to write about. Mind mapping involves the process of noting down the main idea on paper thereafter developing subsidiary ideologies, which relate to the main idea. Brainstorming endows one with the potential to choose the best topic from which to develop a suitable essay.

Conduct effective research on the topic

After one comes up with a suitable essay topic, what follows next is the conduction of rigorous research about that topic. Individuals may gain access to online libraries and or interview professional people for purposes of developing a deeper perspective and points about their chosen essay topic. Also, after the conduction of further research, it is critical for one to organize their points appropriately for purposes of enhancing the process of writing.

Develop a coherent thesis

The thesis statement forms the basis of the whole essay. As such, it is necessary for one to define it in the most coherent terms as possible in a bid to enable your audience to understand what your essay is all about. The thesis statement must be reflected in the first paragraph of the essay. Nonetheless, one must choose a broad thesis statement that warrants the derivation of a diverse amount of content.

Outline your essay

The process of writing an outline underscores the scope of writing a logical paper. An outline of an essay paper represents the basic body of the essay. By writing an outline, one hones the ability to arrange the logic, flow, and order of the entire essay. The best outline involves jotting down a thesis statement thereafter writing a topic sentence for every paragraph. This implies that one must figure out the content of every paragraph before writing them. Here are a few pointers on how to build a perfect outline:

  • Avoid stacking several ideas in a single paragraph in a bid to prevent the reader from getting confused.
  • Incorporate effective transitions for purposes of enhancing the reader’s perception concerning the flow of the essay.
  • Incorporate complementary evidence in each subsequent paragraph. Ensure that every paragraph reflects the thesis statement in a bid to create a clear and articulate essay.

Write your essay

Once you develop your essay outline, you may now commence actual writing. In writing your essay, follow the prompt as defined by the outline, as this will serve to create a cohesive and articulate essay. Over the scope of writing your essay, check out these pointers in writing a perfect essay:

  • Revise for consistency, clarity, as well as structure.
  • Ensure that information in every paragraph supports the thesis statement. Also, ensure you begin every paragraph with a topic sentence. A topic informs the reader on the content covered in the paragraph.
  • Connect every paragraph with transition words in a bid to create a cohesive essay.
  • Finally, read your introduction and conclusion to ensure that they communicate the content of the essay to the reader.
  • Check for spelling and grammar to ensure the essay is correctly punctuated.


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