HR Strategic Plan


Read the following case study and complete the points below:


You have just started your new job as Human Resource (HR) Manager with an enterprising pizza restaurant in Southport, a small organisation that plans a rapid expansion throughout Australia. Pizza Napoli also have an online presence where customers order through their website. The company has immediate plans to open three new restaurants in Sydney.

The strategic direction of the organisation will focus on growth and the new restaurants project will be an exciting new challenge that will help establish HR strategies and policy for the future.

The reason for your appointment is to build policies and procedures that align the HR services with the organisational mission and business goals. The rapid growth of the organisation will require careful planning to ensure success. The strategic goals of the business include:

  • Increasing diversity within the organisation to support the success of the business growth targets.
  • Ensuring the best available resources are recruited and retained.
  • Cementing the newly agreed business values and vision into daily business operations.
  • Polices and procedures to be implemented to ensure the participation of all staff in the achievement of the organisation’s goals and vision.

Your immediate task is to prepare an HR strategic plan to assist the business to achieve the above objectives.

The Managing Director has asked that the HR goals be completed within the next six months.

NOTE: Two paragraph is enough for this task and you can also use table for your answers.


Your HR strategic plan must include the following:


  • An introduction or purpose for the plan
  • At least four goals.
  • A justification for each of the goals that outlines the relevance of each goal to the business strategic goals.
  • At least two objectives for each of your four goals.
  • A timeline for completion including any resources required
  • A risk management plan including identification, risk rating and mitigation plan for each risk.

Prepare an overview for the Managing Director that introduces your plan and requests their approval.

Explain how you will monitor the progress of your plan.

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