Hypothesis Testing

You have been given the final results of this study. What are your conclusions?  Describe your conclusions and how you derived them.

  • RQ: To what extent does our new composite material improve load-bearing capacity of aircraft wings?
  • Ha: Aircraft wings constructed with the new composite material will have greater load bearing capacity than aircraft wings that are not constructed with the new material.
  • H0: There is no difference between composite aircraft wing load bearing capacity and other aircraft wings.
  • Population 1 characteristics: Sample Size=50, Mean=61, SD=4
  • Populations 2 characteristics: unavailable for reference
  • Hypothesis testing probability results:  p=.034


Please note you are given the null and alternative hypotheses as well as the p-value based on the hypothesis test.  You need to interpret the p-value and state the conclusion in the context of the hypothesis being tested.

Here is the practical rule. If the p-value is less than 0.05 the typical level of significance then the null hypothesis is rejected.  Otherwise there is no evidence to reject the null hypothesis.

Initial post should be at least 200 words.

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