identify a current healthcare issue or concern requiring the initiation of a new organization to be developed and implemented to address the healthcare problem

This assignment will be done individually, and the organization idea must have the approval of the instructor prior to commencing.

•             Students will identify a current healthcare issue or concern requiring the initiation of a new organization to be developed and implemented to address the healthcare problem. Once the problem has been identified your group will develop a strategic plan outlining all the key components required to implement your new organization into today’s society and present your proposal pitch in a creative fashion. Here are a few key points to consider:

•             Introduction of Organization: Name of organization, mission/value statements, marketing materials (brochures, business cards, etc).

•             Background and Significance:   what evidence exists for the need to develop such an organization? Demonstration of Canadian, Provincial and regional statistics to illustrate the significance of your healthcare problem. A summary is provided highlighting the strengths and weakness (knowledge gaps, limitations, etc) of the current literature to date related to your topic.

•             Objectives and Goals of Business Plan: What does your Organization plan to achieve? Key Objectives? Goals to obtain in the first year, 5 years, 10 years, etc. Board of Directors, staff, who will need to be hired, what will the job posting, qualifications, etc look like? Budget required for sustainability of your organization. An in-depth description of the organization, what it plans to offer, how it will achieve the deliverables, etc.

•             Overall Impression:  Professionalism of the proposal submitted, creativity used in developing your organization. Reference list (minimum of 6 peer-reviewed references) must be cited, double-spaced using 12 point times New Roman font and in APA format, title page, table of contents. Overall is this proposal a well thought out idea that flows well with solid justification.

Additional Individual Project Information

Remember to approach this project as if you are applying for future funding to sustain your organization. It is imperative you include all necessary information and use creative measures so that your project stands out from the competition when hoping to secure funds.

You can make the assumption you have been allocated initial funds from the government, a private organization (venture capitalists for example) to start up your company. Make sure you explicitly state where the initial funds came from and the process you had to go through to receive the funds.

I have not specifically stated how long your project should be, since each organization is unique and depending on your organization the length of your project will differ accordingly. I have generally suggested that on average I would anticipate the length of the project to be in the range of 20 pages, taking into account all areas of the project including marketing materials, etc.

Here are a few additional points to further support what is already in your course outline:


–    How will your organization initially be funded
–    What start up costs will you have
–    Who is your target audience, who will benefit from your services
–    How will you market your organization, what tools will you use (promotional video in the form of a DVD, brochures/pamphlets, website, business cards, letterhead, company logo, etc)
–    You are responsible for presenting your actual marketing materials, include all your resources in your final project you submit
–    Name of organization
–    Mission/value statements

Background and Significance:
–    Why did you choose your particular healthcare issue
–    Who are your competitors (does a similar organization already exist, how will you remain competitive)
–    Is this a regional, provincial, national issue in Canada, what do the statistics say
–    What differences/similarities exist across Canada, why
–    A thorough literature review is evident and has provided evidence supporting the need for this organization
–    What is currently being done in the literature related to your topic, what needs to be addressed, how will your organization address these gaps

Objectives and Goals of Business Plan
–    What are the goals/objectives for your organization
–    How were your goals/objectives derived
–    What is your strategic plan for your organization for the first year of its operation, the first 5 years, 10 years
–    Who will you need to hire to run your organization, what are their qualifications, what job postings will you have
–    How many staff will be required, who will be responsible for what tasks
–    Do you have (if necessary) a Board of Directors
–    Is your organization for-profit or not-for profit, how did you decide
–    What is the annual budget for your organization, is it realistic, how will the funds be distributed
–    What is the overall service/product/tool your organization will offer
–    In-depth description of your organization
–    How will you achieve your deliverables (ie. your goals/objectives)

Additional Tips!

You are not limited to only including the above mentioned items, and for some organizations not all items may apply. The purpose of this outline is to provide a general overview and provide guidance as to information you may want to include in your project.

Remember to make the finished product as organized as possible, for example:
–    Did you include a title page?
–    Did you include a table of contents?

“Hope” an organization of blind that focus on improving patients’ lifestyles and communications.

The goals:
1.    Identify the blind to the community through concerts, seminars and advocacy to all that would show blinds’ abilities and talents.
2.    Encouragement for blinds cooperating.
3.    Educating blinds by using books with speaking and pronouncing features or computers.
4.    Fill their free times with some fun exercises.
5.    Making some communication with other organization (locally and internationally) that are similar to our goal could be helpful for our organization.
6.    Improve their health.
The services:
We are going to serve blind and who has Visually Impaired from 5 years and older (both males and females). What distinguishes our organization is to provide integrated services working on the development of the human element is guaranteed to meet all his/her needs to reach an advanced stage of productivity and creativity within the scope of services lacking for such projects.
The structure of organization:
Social Commission official. The Department of Administrative and Financial Association Board of Directors consists of ten members elected once every two years and the Board of Directors consists of the following:
1) Chairman of the Board.
2) Vice Chairman of the Board.
3) The Secretary.
4) Treasurer.
5) Internal affairs official.
6) Public Relations Officer.
7) Cultural Commission official.
8) Social Commission official.

The vision of the organization:
the primary goal of this organization is to associate blinds to be more socially and show people what blinds can manage in our community.
The implementation of the organization expect to achieve the following benefits:
•    Increase community awareness of this category and its interaction with them socially.
•    Post the blind in local and international forums athletically, culturally and achieve advanced positions in competitors and events.
•    Increase community awareness of the eye grace and how to protect it.
•    Improve blinds used of technologies effectively and efficiently.
To achieve the objectives of the center are to perform the following programs:
1.    Health care program and periodic examination of the eyes and health education:
Program Objectives:
This program aims to raise the level of health of the blind in general and focus on the eyes as well as suffering some blind or visually impaired from eye diseases in their health was worse in the absence of follow-up, especially for those living in capturing the degree of awareness has low.
This program also aims to educate the community regarding healthy sense of sight, and some of the behaviors and habits may cause damage to the eyes and induces the periodic inspection of the eyes especially for children who suffer from the problems considered.
2.    Fitness and Sports Program
Program Objectives:
This program aims to increase the fitness of the blind and the art of movement level, also aims to be integrated into society through sports clubs and gatherings specialized and non-specialized.
3.    Computer software and information sessions:
Program Objectives:
This program aims to educate blind importance of Computer and Information, education and training technique to be able to take advantage of it in his/her life and scientific and practical daily life in general, also aims to overcome the financial and technical difficulties encountered blind in the case of his desire to acquire this technology and then also aims to provide information environment for the blind at the center to serve the center’s programs in particular and society in general.

4.    Follow-up of study program and grants for university study:
Program Objectives:
This program aims to raise the level of the school for the blind and visually impaired through the many activities and events
5.    Cultural and social programs:
Program Objectives:
This program aims to raise the cultural level of the blind the one hand and raising community awareness of the nature of the blind and abilities and aspirations and aims to integrate the blind into society naturally can achieve social ambitions.
6.    Studies and rehabilitation and development program:
Program Objectives:
This program aims to rehabilitate blind qualified functionally funky and his search for job opportunities and overcome the difficulties that stand in his way through cooperation with employers and the provision of equipment and tools assigned him to perform his duties effectively and efficiently
It also aims to study the alternatives available jobs and development to suit the blind and check Employer goals in addition to the study of the labor market in large companies and institutions, and to cooperate with the officials in order to implement the decisions and regulations governing the work of the disabled and the proportion for the rest of the staff.
7.    Finance Association program:
Program Objectives:
This program aims to secure the material needs of the blind, who is suffering from financial difficulties, which include the provision of accommodation, food and drink, clothing, treatment, and other necessities of life.


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