Information Literacy

Information Literacy

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Module 2 – Background
Information Literacy
Case Resources:
Summon Tutorial 1
Summon Tutorial 2
SLP Resources:
Johnson, T. (2011). S.P.I.D.E.R. a strategy for evaluating websites. (technology connection)(source, purpose, information, domain, educational, and reliability).

Worthington: Linworth Publishing Company.
Stapleton, P. (2005). Evaluating web-sources: Internet literacy and L2 academic writing. ELT Journal, 59(2), 135-143.

Module Overview
Welcome to the second module of TUX301, for Students in Transition. In the Case for this Module, we will cover the Online Library. You will learn how to use the Summon

search tool and conduct refined searches. In the SLP, you will also evaluate a website.

*Module 2 – Case
Information Literacy
Begin by watching the videos below on how to use the Summon tool.
Summon Tuturial 1
Summon Tutorial 2
(Or read the information in pdf format in Summon Tutorial 1 and Summon Tutorial 2.)
Case Assignment
Pick a research topic that you are interested in exploring using the Trident Summon Library search. Start with a broad topic (guidelines below) and narrow it. Use the

search tips in the video. Create a template similar to the example below (choose your own topic) and show the search result numbers as you narrow and refine your

topic. Identify two articles that would be of interest to you. Save these files into a folder as shown in the second video (advanced). Once saved, convert your

articles to APA format and paste them underneath your search. This is a huge timesaver when it comes to listing your references in the proper APA format.
Research Topic Guidelines:
a. If you are in the BSBA/BSHRM program, find a topic that relates to Finance, Marketing, Economics, Accounting, Leadership, Human Resource management, or General

b. If you are in the BSHS program, find a topic that relates to Health Care Management, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, Health Education, Emergency and

Disaster Management, or Public Health issues.
c. If you are in the BSCS/BSITM program, find a topic that relates to Cyber Security, Network Administration, Business Systems Analysis, Information Security, or IT

Project Management.
In addition, write a 1-page reflection paper on what you learned from the video library exercise. Include the table and the paper in one Word document.
1. Go to the Trident MyTLC portal.
2. Log in to MyTLC.
3. To use Summon, type your search items into the box ”Begin your Library Search Here.”
4. How does the library work, and how do I use Summon to access my background materials and research articles?
My Topic: The use of video game technology training in military flight simulation
Example Search Results
Choose a broad topic: Video Games 2,293,045
Use parenthesis “Video Games” 803,460
Narrow the topic AND Military 85,994
Further refine AND United States 62,204
Further refine AND “Flight Simulation” 842
Refine your search Items with full text online 256
Content Type Exclude Book Review & Newspaper 168
Publication Date Since January 1, 2011 24
Articles that I am most interested in:
Majumdar, D. (2012, Nov). GROUNDED EDUCATION. Flight International, 182, 26-28.
Insinna, V. (2013). Simulation, gaming sector plagued by fiscal challenges. National Defense, 98(716), 22-23.
(Use Online Library to access articles)


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