International Marketing Strategy.

International Marketing Strategy.

Case 2 International marketing
This issue will affect negatively to our cash flow because 12% from our overall products are from Japan, and it generates 19% profit. We should provide brief

strategies to solve this problem.
There are risks that directly affect Fam-Mart because it is a big deal in the USA if someone dies because of foods. This based problem has grown into some

risks those arewe need to give a big effort to get our license to sell this product back in the USA, and we should be responsible for the victims. Right now, our

canned fruits is going to be hold at the dock until FDA gives the approval. We are responsible to pay for the warehouse, and this will most likely negatively impacts

our short-term liability. Furthermore, we are going to lose our brand credibility because people don’t want to purchase our Japanese canned fruit products. They are

afraid that this canned fruit could harm their health. Therefore, I should come up with effective actions to overcome these issues.
First of all, I need to fight for getting the foods license back, so I can send canned fruit products to my own warehouse, and sell it. Thus, I should prove

that his product meet the standard of the USA canned products.  As a vice president of the Fam-Mart I am going to hire 50 employees for food quality assurance, and

conduct extensive researches on this product. I want to find the poisonous substances in this product that harmful for human’s health.
Then after I found the problem at this Japanese canned fruit, I will organize documentation, and report it to the USA government to address this issue with the

Japanese supplier. As a result, Fam-Mart will ask USA government to work together to talk with Japanese supplier to solve this problem. I believe Japanese will take

this case seriously because USA government interfere their products. Then, I should enforce Japanese supplier to improve their food safety standard. From now, I will

send my food quality assurance employees to re-check the food process to Japan for make sure that the products is healthy. Additionally, they must help us financing

the victims who are still in hospital and for cemetery fees.
Besides victim, I will discuss dock fees issue with Japanese canned fruit executive board to reimburse some money for financing the warehouse, and the ships

that park at the dock. This will help our liability conditions. I believe that Japanese supplier should be responsible for this so they have the portion on this

After discussing about technical parts, now I am going to the most crucial part that is getting the credibility back from the customers. I have to hire the

expert marketing management to get to win the consumers’ heart. I have to promote that Fam-Mart has accept that the previous products is poisonous, and we are

responsible for the victims, and now we are hiring 50 expert food quality assurance employees from Ivy League, that makes sure that our products is safe.
By getting the assistant from Japanese company we will have stronger financial condition to finance the issue, and I believe hiring 50 intelligent food quality

assurances will improve the food safety, and we can use this for our marketing campaign in order to “heal” our brand name in society. We should be more concern about

this because we can’t do this twice otherwise everyone is not going to buy our products, and we can get a worst profit margin by losing 19% of it.


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