Leader skeleton outline

Leader skeleton outline

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write an outline about leadership of Pepsico’s CEO whose name is Indra Nooyi. I have uploaded an example about this paper. You should first give a Core argument about Indra Nooyi’s leadership principle and then give 3 sub-arguments (3 categories) of this person about the leadership principles that makes her as a successful business leader. Your sub-argument should be chosen based on the book <<Business Leadership>>. You can just go over the book to see what you can choose from it about Indra Nooyi’s leadership principle (The PDF version of this book is attached). After each sub-argemnent, you should write about each of these sub-arguments in DETAIL.

The Seven Ages of the Leader 77
because he didn’t have to waste time engaging in the political machinations
often needed to advance a career.
As I’ve pointed out, mentoring has tremendous value to a young
executive. The value accrues to the mentor as well. Mentoring is one
of the great joys of a mature career, the professional equivalent of
having grandchildren. It is at this time that the drive to prepare the
next generation for leadership becomes a palpable ache. I wrote earlier
of my relationship with the young nurse who had ambitions to
become a doctor. Clearly, the young man benefited from our relationship,
but so did I. I learned about the true nature of mentoring, about
its inevitable reciprocity and the fact that finding and cementing a
relationship with a mentor is not a form of fawning but the initiation
of a valuable relationship for both individuals.
When you mentor, you know that what you have achieved will
not be lost, that you are leaving a professional legacy for future generations.
Just as my nurse clearly stood to benefit from our relationship,
entrepreneur Michael Klein was indebted to his grandfather,
Max. But imagine the joy Max must have felt at being able to share
the wisdom he acquired over a lifetime as a creative businessman.
The reciprocal benefits of such bonds are profound, amounting to
much more than warm feelings on both sides. Mentoring isn’t a simple
exchange of information. Neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky lived
among wild baboons and found that alliances between old and young
monkeys were an effective strategy for survival. The older males that
affiliated with younger males lived longer, healthier lives than their
unallied peers. Whether monkey or human, individuals in a mentoring
relationship exchange invaluable, often subtle information. The
elder partner stays plugged into an ever-changing world, while the
younger partner can observe what does and doesn’t work as the elder
partner negotiates the tricky terrain of aging.
When we compared older and younger leaders for Geeks and
we found that the ruling quality of leaders, adaptive capacity,
is what allows true leaders to make the nimble decisions that
bring success. Adaptive capacity is also what allows some people to
transcend the setbacks and losses that come with age and to reinvent
themselves again and again. Shakespeare called the final age of man
“second childishness.” But for those fortunate enough to keep their


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