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Paper requirements:

Must be on an article relating to Managing/Management or Teamwork/Working in Teams.

This is the following assignment expecatations:

Section 1: The Paper’s Theoretical Development and Contribution
In this section you should constructively critique the theory development of the
paper. Some questions that you may reflect on include:
? How well does the paper summarise a matter of conjecture or debate in the
relevant academic literature?
? Does the paper provide an adequate summary of the literature to date?
(Here, you might like to provide a couple of references to relevant papers
that the authors have not included in their paper).
? Does the paper bring together a new understanding of managerial
phenomena that has not been put forward by other authors (i.e. is there
something novel and original in the paper)?

Section 2: The Paper’s Development of Empirical Evidence
The progression of science (including social sciences like management) is
based upon the analysis of evidence. Good academic work will assemble and
analyse evidence with great care. For the evidence to be useful it should have
some wider applicability (i.e. it should provide generalisable results) and the
study should be able to be replicated by another researcher. You can choose a
qualitative (case based) or quantitative (numbers based) paper, but a knowledge
of statistics is not a pre-requirement for this course and critiquing statistical
methodology should not become a major focus of your review. Some questions
that you might reflect on for this section include:
? If the paper is based on case evidence, is the case a useful one for this
research? Is the case unusual in such a way that the evidence is highly
specific to the case and not relevant elsewhere?
? If the paper is based on quantitative data (for example from a survey) are you
confident that the survey has been well administered and is representative of
the population under analysis?
? Have the researcher(s) taken care in assembling evidence? Are you
confident that they have asked the right questions to the best respondents in
the organisation/industry under investigation?
? If the case is based on secondary data (for example, an analysis of
newspaper articles or other secondary materials) might there be some
systematic biases present in the dataset (for example, SMEs are not as well
reported as large firms)?
? Is the case study material or quantitative data analysed appropriately and
well? Is the analysis something a journalist would do, or does it follow good
academic processes?

Section 3: The Paper’s Contribution to Better Managerial Practice
In this section, you should assess the importance and relevance of the paper’s
contribution to the improvement of managerial practice. Some questions that you
might reflect on for this section include:
? What contribution to better managerial practice and/or better organisational
and social outcomes does the paper provide?
? What is interesting about the paper that is important for management,
organisations and society?


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