Management of Innovation Case

Management of Innovation Case

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This is a management project, you, the writer’s role, is a consultant and building a innovation model for the company Schneider Electric (Automation devices and software). The function of the innovation model should cover two major parts: 1, Well organized ways or process to stimulate the company or related party to generate innovative ideas. 2, have a well organized way or process to select best ideas. The methods could be used must come from chapter 1-chapter 7 of the book : Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change, 5th Edition, Wiley, by Joe Tidd and John Bessant. ISBN-13 978-1118360637.

The form of the model should be a big diagram with some texts, other than the diagram, please explain the diagram fully in a separate page, take two page if needed.

Assume your team is assigned to create an innovation management program in your organization.  Design an innovation program.  Go only through selection.  Pick one of the companies a member of your team works for; you may use another organization.

Innovation management may include products, technologies, services, or business models.  Please describe the scope of the program such as the types of innovations you are trying to manage, the size of the organization, and reasonable performance expectations.

What would you do?  What policies, practices, structures, tools, and techniques would you set up to manage innovation.  What I am looking for is a complete program, not just a stage-gate or development process. In particular you should address:

•    How your company defines and shares information about innovation.
•    How you can make innovation a core business process
•    How to build an innovative organization
•    How to develop an innovation strategy
•    How to find sources of innovation
•    How to develop and use an innovation network
•    How to decide which projects to develop

Notice these are the topics of the chapters.  Before we run off after implementation let’s make sure we know how to manage innovation in the company.

You should address how you will manage innovation on all these dimension for your particular company.  Do this by developing an overall framework for innovation management.  Use various tools and techniques from each chapter.

There is no page limit but this is not a report.  Your innovation program should be graphical.  You may use explanatory notes as needed.  It should identify the important variables that must be managed and how those variables relate to each other for all facets of innovation management.  Identify dependencies and sequences critical for innovation.  Show iterative loops and non-sequenced activities.

To reiterate.  You should address issues in your chosen firm and apply tools from every chapter (1-7) or explain why the issues described in a chapter do not apply to your organization.

Do not try to use every tool – the challenge is to make a coherent plan for how to manage innovation in a specific organizational setting not to strong abunch of unrelated concepts together.  Some concepts will be important and others will not.  It is just as important to decide what not to do.

You may also use models and information from any of the presentations and materials on the Moodle site, visitor presentations, class presentations and class discussions.  You may also bring in information from other sources – for example your company may address some of the issues in the chapters.  Go ahead and use those, modify them or reject them as needed.

Again:  You must use the material in the chapters.  Do not turn in a model disconnected or not supported by the material in the book. Use the material in the book to build the innovation management system.  Nevertheless, do not try to make a model using every concept in every chapter.

Innovation programs should be as simple as possible – but no more simple than needed.  The amount and type of program structure will depend on the level and nature of innovation capabilities in the company and how much they need to innovation given their competitive position in their industry.

Notes I:
Team Project:  Build an Innovation Management Program

Type of company – Technology company

STEP 1.  Leadership  (Top management commitment to the same idea and goal)

STEP 2:  APPROPRIATE ORG STRUCTURE:  Divisionalized form (PG 118); adapt  to local environmental challenges. Typical for larger organizations; strategic business units or operating divisions

STEP 3:  KEY INDIVIDUALS – our CHAMPION is a lower level VP  because he has shown the desire to work on improving the company; developing new ideas; so far he has a track record of sound ideas.

Our RELATIONSHIP PROMOTER – is a senior VP. He would be concerned about bringing together the necessary parties for successful innovation endeavors

STEP 4:  High INVOLVMENT INNOVATION (HII) – Structured HII model. Includes formal attempts to create and sustain; we have an idea mgt system and recognition system;

STEP 5:  EFFECTIVE TEAM WORKING – cross functional teams

Mixed style of radical and incremental innovation

We have a creative climate that includes:  trust and openness, challenge and involvement, support and space for ideas (company policy; open forum with the VP to share innovative ideas), conflict and debate, risk taking and freedom,

STEP 7:  BOUNDARY – SPANNING – We are going to extend involvement to customers, end-users,  channel partners/distributors, collaborators (people we do business with);  through associations


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