marketing : product design

marketing : product design

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product : consumer magazines
consumer magazines such as gq, esquire and mens fashion.
however secondary research should result to why fashion was chosen.

You are required to carry out the preliminary stages of a new product development project in an allocated market category. You must assume the role of a new entrant

into the market; you cannot be an existing company eg GQ, Menshealth, T3 etc. Your project activity and final report need to cover the following:

Secondary research:
– a market audit covering
The market
– sales volume/value of the market, historical trends, market segmentation
Analysis of the external marketing environment
– who, how many, where, brand shares and advertising expenditure of the existing brands Consumers
– demographics, consumer behaviour
-Distribution outlets and channel strategies of key players
-A summary of the proposed market segment with rationale
-A completed Store Audit Sheet must be included in the appendices.

Concept Development:
-Idea generation
-Concept proposal

Primary Research:
Concept proposal testing via qualitative research (Focus Groups or Individual Interviews).
A completed research plan must be included in the appendices.

Marketing Strategy Recommendations:
Final concept description, based on research findings
???Proposed marketing strategy to include segmentation, targeting, positioning and basic marketing mix (the 4 Ps)

Profit & Loss (P&L) statement:
For the first year of the product launch – to include target market share, target sales, target growth rate, target price, target revenue and the marketing costs

associated with the product launch (launch, promotional and distribution costs).

Report Structure
The submission should adopt a business report format, with contents page, page numbers and an executive summary. The word limit for the main report is over 4500 words

(excluding charts, tables and graphs). All sources must clearly referenced using the Harvard System and included in the reference list at the end of the report.

References and appendices are excluded from the word count. Appendices can contain background findings, figures, graphs, pack designs, competitor data and so on. They

must be relevant and need to be signposted in the main text. A group log must be included in the appendices.


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