Mental Health and Social Work Practice

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Mental Health and Social Work Practice

Mohammed is a thirty-five year old Somalian man who visits his GP because he is finding it difficult to leave his home. Mohammed is concerned that he has become

fearful of leaving his home, experiencing a sense of dread that something terrible will happen. His heart races and he often becomes dizzy. On one occasion he

collapsed while he was at the mosque, and consequently has stopped attending services. He describes himself as a ‘nervous person’ but says it has got much worse over

the past two years. He is concerned that he will lose his employment benefits because he has stopped attending job interviews. He has few friends, and spends his days

reading and looking after his elderly parents, with whom he lives. Mohammed immigrated to Australia when he was seventeen. His family had been persecuted in Somalia,

and he escaped to Pakistan before immigrating to Australia. He has many relatives still living in Somalia, and he worries about their safety. He completed an

electrical apprenticeship, but has not worked as an electrician since injuring himself at work five years ago. Mohammed separated from his wife shortly after his

accident, and has not children.

Assignment – Case Study (2,225 words) with references 12 to 15
As the case manager, this assignment requires you to describe the key factors you would take into account in making a social work assessment and in developing a case

management plan with the client. You are asked to draw on a recovery-oriented approach to mental health assessment and case management in social work as outlined in

the course text book, Bland, Renouf and Tullgren (2009). Chapters are attached.

This should include the following:

• A brief explanation of a recovery-oriented approach to assessment and case management in mental health social work ( chapter 3) attached
• The key factors in this case that you would take into account in undertaking a recovery-oriented assessment and case management plan, drawing on the dimensions

emphasised in the text book. This will include discussion of existing mental health research literature relevant to the case. Please note: you are not being asked to

present a case management plan but to speak to the factors you would consider in making a plan;
• The social work theory or theories that would also guide your approach to assessment and case management with this client and why (e.g. strengths approach,

empowerment approach, feminist social work approach);
• The ethical and legal implications of the case that would need to be taken into account in assessment and case management; ( refer AASW code of ethics and std of

practice for ethical , and chapter 4 for legal) chapter attached.
• Further information you might require to enable planning for case management – You may need to use some creativity for the additional information you require.

Chapters 6 & 7 of the course text are a good place to start.( attached)

The case study assignment can be presented in the format of a report, and you can use the above dot points as headings. However, you need to draw on the relevant

mental health and social work literature for points 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Please note – as a social worker, you are not being asked nor will you be qualified to make a psychiatric diagnosis. You can nevertheless comment on the condition(s)

you think are likely based on your systematic assessment of the case and their implications for practice.
Use harvard style referencing and in the intext reference please include the page number as well.

Assessment feedback and marking criteria ( Total out of 50 )
1.Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge about mental health and social work assessment and case management to the case. (25/50).
2.Evidence of critical thinking and problem-solving. (10/50).
3.Demonstrated understanding of the ethical and legal implications of the case. (10/50).
4.Written in a clear and understandable way that meets formatting/referencing requirements. (5/50).


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