Money, Banking & Risk

Money, Banking & Risk

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essay is Discussing a financial services (mis-selling ) scandal from the last 30 years
With reference to theory and evidence explain why financial mis-selling keep happening?and chick out the coursework for more information.

Money, Banking & Risk
We have just exited the largest economic crisis in living memory with our living standards and banking system under threat from internal and external pressures.
In early July 2014 another banking scandal hit the news with a group of Banks “allegedly” being economical with the truth in relation to setting exchange risk. This on top of PPI (Sept 14 Banks to re look at declined cases) and in October both Barclays and HSBC set aside Millions of pounds in provisions for further possible mis-selling/fraud charges.

a)    Discuss another financial services mis-selling scandal from the last 30 years – within your answer set the historical framework, detail what went wrong and what lessons should have been learnt                                                      (50%)
b)     With reference to theory and evidence explain why financial mis-selling keep happening?  You may wish to consider (i) lack of personal ethics, (ii) lack of organisational ethics (iii) lack of regulatory oversight / power.               (50%)
You will be looking at the following learning outcomes
Identify and explain the importance of the monetary and financial system and Analyse the roles and functions of financial institutions , including central banks and their roles as participants and regulators within markets

Overall this assignment is based on 3000 words +/- 10%. Even though the sections are equally weighted for marks this does not mean that you slavishly need to use 50% of the words per section. I do not believe either section can be done effectively in less than 1000 words
Grade Descriptors as per Academic Handbook
Referencing should be in the standard Harvard Systems as per Cardiff Metropolitan regulations


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