Music Essay

Review select portions of material provided – Read the full pdf article by Modirzadeh (2009, Leonardo Journal).  Then (for 5%), discuss at least one of the following sections on: “Resistance, Disintegration, and Liberation Prophecy” (pgs 254-55), “Chromodal Concept” (pgs 256-57), and/or “Collapsing Pyramids” (pg 257).

In particular (for 10%), regarding the article’s music-making introduction and section on Improvisation as Compost (pgs 253-254), watch/listen to the two brief excerpts of the actual event as described (two links below), and relate this collective sound approach to the link by soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause (watch the last two links for additional background).

Chromodal Consort “Compost Sonata” Excerpt One:

Chromodal Consort “Compost Sonata” Excerpt Two:

Bernie Krause – The Great Animal Orchestra:

Bernie giving bakground and context to his work with nature’s soundscapes:

“This Is What Extinction Sounds Like”:

Bernie Krause TED talk:

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