Option #1: Strategy 7: Gender Issues In The Expatriate World

For this milestone, put yourself in the position of the vice president of international human resources management for a multinational corporation. As has been the case with the other Milestone assignments in this course, this will be part of the creation of an international human resources management program. However, this Milestone assignment will pose a unique challenge to you in that you will explore the issues of gender, particularly for female employees in the expatriate world. To get a well-rounded perspective on gender issues, assess the acceptance of female expatriate employees in three (3) of the five (5) regions of the world that represent the majority of the expatriate opportunities around the globe: 1) the Middle East, 2) Latin America, 3) Africa, 4) Asia, and 5) Europe.

While you are not be required to provide a step-by-step process related to deploying a female expatriate as this is already part of your IHRM employment opportunity program, you must create a memo for the Board of Directors that provides an overview of female expatriate acceptance in each of the regions you selected and assesses the opportunity to promote gender equality and overcome barriers in these regions.

This Milestone assignment should be 1 page  in length (not including cover and reference pages), so focus on being clear and concise. Your Milestone should be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.) and supported by a minimum of two academic sources.

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