Performing Arts and Leisure

Performing Arts and Leisure

Module Assessment Brief
Research, Interpretation and Analysis Assignment 1

Module code and title
5SW001 Research, Interpretation and Analysis

Module leader
Module Team:    Anne-Marie Beaumont
Chris Foster
Aglaia Foteinou
Richard Glover

Assessment No and Type (i.e. essay, report, portfolio, presentation, performance etc)
1. Literature Review

Assessment weighting
1,500 words in total.

Learning outcomes being assessed
LO1: You will be able to evaluate, analyse and interpret subject-specific information from a wide range of appropriate sources, both through digital and more traditional retrieval techniques.
LO2: You will be able to use underlying concepts and theories to develop the skills of reflection, interpretation and
analysis for further study or employment.
LO3: You will be able to analyse a range of different approaches to solving problems and make recommendations
as to their suitability.
LO4: You will be able to use a range of appropriate media to
communicate research, interpretation and analysis effectively to a range of stakeholders including employers, audiences and academics.
Submission details (date, time and location)
Submit assignment to Module Team by 1pm Thursday 26th March 2015.

Assessment Description and Advice
Your literature review should be approximately 1,500 words in length and should conform to the usual submission practices of all Music Department written assignments. Guidelines as to the submission of written work are available on Music Central on WOLF in the folder marked “Music Department Written Work Guidance”.
Tutorials will take place on the 12th March. Students are expected to bring a draft of their literature review to their tutorials.

Identify the key texts that you have read in your chosen topic.
Discuss some of the texts in detail in terms of what they have to say about the topic.
Relate the texts to each other so for example… Brown discusses the issue of authenticity from the point of view of the performer, but Jones discusses the authenticity of the product (CD).
Analyse these arguments CRITICALLY – don’t just describe what’s in each text.
Identify areas of research that are not particularly well served by the existing literature and use these gaps in knowledge to help to formulate your own research question.

Assessment Grading Criteria

See grid in Module Guide available on WOLF for details of the grading criteria.


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