For this assignment, prepare a paper of a minimum of 3 pages of content on one of the below topics.  When you include a separate title page and separate reference page, your paper should be 5 pages total.  See below grading rubric for grading purpose.

Research Topics on Types of Crime to select from: Choose one topic to write on.  You need at least 3 references listed on your reference page. (do not use wikipedia). Double space your paper, indent the first line of each paragraph, 12 pt font Times New Romans or Arial.
Campus Crime.
Child Abuse.
Domestic Violence.
Elder Abuse.
Hate Crime.
Human Trafficking.
Identity Theft.
Juvenile Delinquency.
Sex Offenses.

· Include a separate title page with your name, date, title of your assignment;

· Include a separate reference page with a minimum of 3 references (center the word REFERENCES) at the top of your paper.  

· Double space your work

· Indent the first line of each paragraph 5-7 spaces. 

· Use Times New Romans or Arial 12 pt font. 

· Upload it here as a Microsoft word document no later than the due date.  Late papers are not accepted.

· Your Paper will be sent through turnitin upon submission.  Your turnitin score should not be more than 25%. Plagiarism will result in a 0. 

Paper Grading Rubric

Point Values

Separate Title page

10 pts

Separate reference page

At least three references

20 pts

Met minimum Deliverable length requirements of at least 3   pages of content

Up to 10 pts

Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation/Sentence Structure/First line of   each paragraph indented 5-7 spaces, paper double spaced

Up to 20 pts

Content (covered topic thoroughly)

Up to 40 pts


Up to 100 pts

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