Product Management Using Boston Matrix Tool with Product Life Cycle Management

Product Management Using Boston Matrix Tool with Product Life Cycle Management

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Assessment and Marking Criteria:
Component 1 is an individual assignment. It accounts for the 40% of total mark for the module. To pass this component it is necessary to produce (using IT skills) a

written report consisting of:
i. 1500 words, double spaced word processed
ii. There should be a clear indication of the title of the area investigated in compliance with the Assignment brief.
The above report should include Abstract/Summary, Method Used(methodology), Basic review of literature, supporting evidence in the chapters of the report, critical

evaluation, a well-structured presentation and organization of the report with references, numbered in the text in brackets e.g. [1]. The references which should be at

the end of the report should be presented using the following referencing system:
• [1]
• Author(s)
• Book title, chapter or article and name of journal
• Date of publication
• Relevant page number(s)
Engineering Management 5ET004
Assignment 1: Element Investigating and writing an Number: Essay on a topic of
Engineering Management
• A few words on why this particular reference was selected. Plagiarism: students must write the report in their own words and produce their own charts, figures
and tables etc.
Marking criteria for report:
(a) Report grammar and spelling and Report style (10% of the report mark) (b) Report range of materials and sources used (10% of the report mark) (c) Report knowledge

and understanding, which is this assignment is how students
have analysed the current practices and designed and implemented the new practices including:
o Literature review, Data collection, information display and analysis related to the subject matter
o Response to the direction issues raised in the assignment
o Knowledge and understanding and critical analysis of research data/ materials
o Discussion with example(s) from case studies of the subjects, objectives, important
tool(s) and/or methods, standards etc. (60% of the report mark) (d) Discussing/ developing strategy or plan for introducing the subject matter or the idea
(20% of the report mark)
?????To pass the module it is necessary to achieve a minimum grade of D5 for this component.
In order to achieve a D5 (minimum pass grade) students are expected to produce the above reports showing a basic understanding of the subject area using standard

available material. The reports must be electronically produced, satisfactorily structured, adequately referenced and set out with satisfactory use of relevant

Note: In order to achieve A16 (highest pass grade) students must produce the above reports showing an extensive well researched knowledge of the subject area

expressing competent personal opinions and arguments. The reports must be electronically produced, exemplary structured, adequately referenced and set out with good

use of relevant illustrations.
Assignment handed out: 24th Feb. 2015 Latest date for submission: 24th March 2015
The assignment(soft and hardcopy) must be handed in to Student Registry, Telford.
Assignments submitted after the deadline and without an authorized extension of time will be marked F0.
Please mark your assignment for the attention of: Prof C. Nwagboso
A signed receipt must be obtained when the assignments are submitted. You should keep your receipt in a safe place.
NOTE: You are advised to keep your own electronic & ‘hard’ copy of any work submitted.
Assignment Brief
Assignment Title: Product Management Using Boston Matrix Tool with Product Life Cycle Management
An Engineering Systems Development Company called Abuja Energy Surveillance (AES) Ltd has just developed a new oil and gas pipeline monitoring system using drones and

Geographic Information System for managing oil and gas theft and spillage along pipelines. They have a 10 year strategic market share plan that focuses on making the

system a market dominant in energy security and environment pollution management for oil and gas industry sector in many countries.
a) Explain the strategic implications of Boston matrix model to the company and how it can impact on its 10 year strategic market share plan for the system
b) Carry out a full analysis and description of the application of Boston Matrix tool on the system developed by Abuja Energy Surveillance (AES) Ltd
c) Using a Project Life Cycle Management technique, provide a credible review and recommendations to the company on the strategies required for a successful

commercialization of oil and gas pipeline monitoring systems in each stage of its life cycle. The recommendations should take into consideration the following:
i. Marketing;
ii. Financial;
iii. Manufacturing;
iv. Company’s supply chain for the system, and
v. Human resource
1) Students will be expected to review the oil and gas theft and spillage incidents in the global oil and gas sector. Student may focus on a given country with

extensive cases of oil and gas theft and spillage through the supply chain of the sector
2) A critical review and understanding of the necessary techniques and its application will be expected from the students
3) A formal report with appropriate references will be required


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