social network analysis

social network analysis

Project description
undergraduate level coursework

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The UCINET data SAMPSON contains numerous rankings of a novice group of monks collected by Sampson. Extract the data SAMPLK1 and SAMPLK3. The non-symmetric valued data

is coded so that 3 represents the top or first choice, 2 the second choice and 1 the third choice.  They were only asked to give their top 3 choices but ties and no

responses were allowed. Sampson identified four groups:

Winifred, John, Gregory, Hugh, Boniface, Mark and Albert (The Young Turks)
Bonaventure, Ambrose, Berthold, Peter and Louis (The Loyal Opposition)
Basil, Elias and Simplicius (The Outcasts)
Romuland, Victor and Amand (The floaters).

i)    Produce a visualization of SAMPLK3 which incorporates the groups described above in your visualization.
ii)    Find the most central actors in the network. How would you describe their roles with respect to the above groups? Incorporate one of your centrality results

into your visualization.
iii)    By analysing the network do you think Sampson was correct in his group identification?  Is the structure consistent with the term outcasts and floaters?
iv)    Examine SAMPLK1, how have things changed over time? Produce a visualization that captures the changes.
v)    Soon after the data SAMPLK3 was collected Gregory, Basil, Elias and Simplicius were expelled. Almost immediately John departed followed by Hugh, Boniface,

Mark, Albert, Victor, Amand and Romuland (roughly in order).  What, if anything, in the network structure helps us understand what happened. What further information

would help?

Coursework Submission
Coursework must be typed, double-spaced in a reasonable font (eg. 12 point in Times New Roman or Arial). You must submit your essay by 2pm on the deadline day given on

p.2 above unless given course specific instructions by email.
Essays should be submitted online via Blackboard by 2pm on the deadline day given on p.2 above unless given course specific instructions by email. Full details of how

to submit online are available in the ‘Submission of Coursework’ folder in the relevant section on the course Blackboard website. Ensure you have familiarised yourself

with the system and give yourself plenty of time for submission as technology problems will not be an acceptable reason for late or non-submission of work. If you have

serious problems submitting on the day please contact the SoSS Undergraduate Office in the Arthur Lewis Building urgently. When you have successfully submitted your

essay you will be able to download and print a receipt. You must keep a copy of your submission receipt until all work on this course is complete and you have received

your final grades.
Note that our online submission system includes TurnItIn plagiarism detection software. Be sure that you fully understand what plagiarism is; links for further details

are included in section 5 below. If, after reading the guidance, you are at all unsure about what counts as plagiarism then you should contact your Academic Advisor to

discuss it.


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