Essay Information:
Due: March 25th
Length: Precisely 5 written double-spaced pages, not including title page or bibliography
Format: APA or MLA / including standard margins and 12 point font
Description: Your essay must take the shape of a formal academic analysis.
Her (2013), Shame (2011), Half Nelson (2006), Obvious Child (2014), 50 Shades of Grey (2015)
1. The trailer (preview) of each film is available online at (it is helpful to start here)
2. You are writing an essay on the entire film, NOT just the trailer. Write on only one (1) film

3. Be sure you do not write on another film with the assumption it will “be fine” or make the mistake of writing on a film we screened in class. Your film must come from the above list.
Your essay will unpack and examine the issues addressed in the film that you see as most pertinent. Each of the films you have to choose from address one or more of the primary research areas of our class. For example, gender, race or class. In examining the film your essay will demonstrate an understanding of the sociology of popular cinema and draw on connections between the issues within the film and the sociological concepts we have addressed in class.
You are required to submit, along with your essay, a bibliography including a minimum of three (3) academic sources, not including the course texs. Examples of what do NOT constitute academic sources include, Wikipedia, IMDB, etc. If you have any questions as to what constitutes an academic source and what does not, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Your paper will be graded on theoretical incorporation, research, originality, critical analysis, clarity, and writing skills.
What is Critical Analysis?

Your essay is not a film review and it is expected that you will use outside sources in analyzing the thematic concerns within the film. For example, while a romantic-comedy may provide us with humor, melancholia, sentimentality etc, this genre also has a specific function: to reaffirm the idea of “happily-ever-after,” “true love” and more. The way in which these ideas are presented and made “normal” would be a starting point for an essay on a romantic-comedy. You will examine the issues in your film from the same perspective, critically.


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