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In this weeks reading I thought the part about dramaturgy and all the different stages was very interesting. I knew I acted different around certain people then my actually self around others I know but I didn’t realize that they all had there own labels/names assigned to it. Now when I see people I will be asking myself what dramaturgy are they using? For example, Tim Allen starring in “Last Man Standing” and of course a bunch of other T.V. shows and movies. But, I’ve recently read an article about him and was surprised about what I read. Before “Last Man Standing” was cancelled in May 2017 he was a conservative Republican who was not afraid to share his views and opinions about Obama on his show. Now that they are rebooting the show owned by FOX network. Tim Allen’s character will still be a conservative but will not necessarily be talking about President Donald Trump. Executive Producer Kevin Abbot stated that “I don’t think we’re going to comment specifically on Trump [on the show]”. This was surprising to me only because Tim Allen was never afraid to bring his back stage performance to the front stage and give his opinions. In this article there seemed to also have some role strain with Tim Allen’s character and what he actually believes. Tim Allen stated in the article “I’ve said this a couple of times, I’m not the character I play,” Allen said. “You want to know what I believe, come see me at the Mirage in Las Vegas.” Tim Allen is inviting everyone to the Mirage in Las Vegas so they can hear his actual beliefs and I don’t think he’ll be holding much back.


James M. Henslin, “Mastering Sociology” pages 128-129

Gonzales Sandra, “Tim Allen’s character on ‘Last Man Standing’ won’t be talking about Trump” CNN


This week was really interesting since I learned about the components of Social Structure. Culture, social class, groups, social status, and roles are the components of social structure that grabbed my attention this week. First of all, I would like to say that I never thought that social status would be a “thing”, and what I mean by a thing is that it would be something that sociologist would focus on. Now that I’ve read I see why is is important and also I have a different way of interpreting the word ‘Status’. As it was mentioned in the book page 111, sociologist use states in a different way-to refer to someone’s position, for some us might be of a great prestige and for others not it depends on the range that you look at it.

Social class and groups seemed in a way the same for me, since when you are part of a social class you are part of that group and the component group is a group of people who have something in common. Why do I think this two relate? Well as I explained they both share something in common. The last one is Roles and this one is an interesting one too, since as the book explained “When you were born, society was waiting with outstretched arms to tell you how you should act” and that’s what it’s called roles. Roles has an extensive meaning and ways to describe but in my thinking in part it is someone’s identity because even when society tells you how you should act that person is an individual that chooses what to believe and not and how to act.

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