Somalia Case Study;

Somalia Case Study;

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Somalia Case Study

Somalia Case Study guideline

analyze various policy-making and policy process elements that we have covered related to the United States’ involvement in Somalia in 1992 – 1993. The accompanying

article (see below) on the U.S. intervention is taken from the congressional perspective. The article is written by then-Congressman Harry Johnston (D-FL), former

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, and Ted Dagne, an African affairs specialist at the Congressional Research Service. The scope of the

material is dealing with both the international and domestic political systems. Even though international political institutions and actors are involved, the basic

public policy elements focus primarily on the domestic political system. The objective of this exercise is to describe the major factors that influenced the Clinton

administration’s policies (read: decisions) in the U.S. intervention in Somalia. To help guide you in your analysis, please address the following:

1. What was, to use Kingdon’s phrase, the national mood?
2. How did the Somalia problem get on the national agenda?
3. What are the political aspects of the policy decision to intervene in Somalia?
4. Were there other factors that drove our involvement?
5. How did the Bush administration define the policy governing U.S. involvement?
6. Did the policy change under the Clinton administration, and if so, how, and how was it defined?
7. Who were the principal institutions and actors involve, international and domestic?
8. What was the role played by Congress?
9. What was the policy outcome?
10. Did the aftermath of the policy outcome affect the nation’s policy agenda to the present day?

Required readings:
– John W. Kingdon, Agendas, Alternatives and Public Policy (2nd ed.)
– “Learning from Somalia” Congress and the Somalia Crisis by Harry Johnston and Ted Dagne (I will copy of this book upload)


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