Sonography in the Diagnostic Evaluation of Adult Brain Injury

Sonography in the Diagnostic Evaluation of Adult Brain Injury

Instructions for final paper
Title Page: A sample APA title page can be found on page 41 of the APA Manual. Your professors want you to include the date after the title, name, and affilliation

(fourth line).
Author Note: You can see a sample of the Author Note on page 41 as well, but the full explanation is found on pages 24 and 25 of the APA Manual. For the first

paragraph of the Author Note, include your department as Department of health. The second paragraph (changes of affiliation) will not apply, so you may omit.
Abstract: The abstract is explained on pages 25-27 of the APA Manual, and the sample is on page 41. Please note its brevity. APA specifically states (on page 26),

“Include … only the four or five most important concepts, findings, or implications.” Include keywords as shown on the sample that summarize your main idea best.
Introduction: Most of you have already completed this section and have received feedback from the professors, but as you review this section, make sure it provides an

overview of the problem/issue as well as some background/historical information that will help the reader understand why this research is so important.
Method: This is the section where you will explain how you conducted your literature search. Include information such as how you searched for articles (search

strategy), where you searched for articles (library databases, Google Scholar), and how you determined which keywords would work best.
Results: This is the section where your actual literature review will go. The Professor would like you to “organize this section based on themes based on your research

questions.” Page 10 of the APA Manual provides additional guidance (section 1.02).
Discussion: This is the section where you will draw your conclusions based on the review of the literature. Did the literature review help answer your research

questions? If not, are there gaps that future research should address?
References: This is where you will list, according to APA Style, all of the sources you used to write this review paper. This quick answers page from the APA editors

is very helpful — — as is the APA Style Guide to Electronic References, which should be used for all

sources that were retrieved online (websites, articles from library databases, ebooks, etc.).

Topic/ Thesis Easily identifiable, clear and concise, insightful, and appropriate for assignment
References and
Research Excellent search conducted in appropriate scientific databases and other sources ( peer reviewed) yielding high quality information necessary information for

Use of Evidence Appropriate source information (typically primary) used to support thesis and buttress all arguments made in essay, excellent integration of

quoted/paraphrased material into writing.
Analysis, Logic and Argumentation All ideas progress logically from an identifiable thesis, compelling justifications are offered to support thesis, counter-arguments

are anticipated and addressed, appropriate connections are made to outside material
Organization Coherent and clear, all paragraphs support thesis statement, each paragraph supports its topic sentence, excellent transitions
Writing Process Excellent progression through the term, submitted drafts and revisions incorporating instructor feedback
APA format Excellent command of APA format, al references are accurately formatted as well as title page and body of the paper
Mechanics (Grammar, Spelling, Language Usage, Sentence Structure, Citation Format) Excellent command of language, proper use of grammar/writing conventions, few to no

misspelled words, correct word choice, excellent variety and complexity of sentence structure.


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