Strategic Quality and Project Management

Strategic Quality and Project Management

Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes Learning OutcomesLearning OutcomesLearning OutcomesLearning Outcomes Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Critically evaluate the critical factors, principles and techniques of sustainable strategic Quality
2. Critically evaluate how Project Management and Control principles can be applied as a framework to deliver robust change beneficial to the organisation and its

3. To critically analyse both quantitatively and qualitatively the key issues facing the successful implementation of Quality systems and Project Management and

Module Assessment Module AssessmentModule Assessment Module AssessmentModule AssessmentModule AssessmentModule Assessment Module Assessment Module Assessment
Formative Activities & Assessment
Formative Activities and Assessments are opportunities for you to apply, practice and make sense of the learning materials and content that you have encountered. These

may be an individual task such as reading some text or watching a video and documenting your reaction to it, responding to some discussion points on the discussion

forum or participating in a ‘live online classroom’ session. The main aim of formative activities is that you receive feedback on your contribution which will help you

in preparation for your final module assignment. There is opportunity during the module to engage in formative assessment and this is related to the summative

assessment for the module.
In this module, you will contribute to a number of discussions for a set number of weeks, before generating a Wiki which will build each week and help you plan your

final assignment.
You are reminded that when contributing to discussion for both your formative and summative assessment that the University of Derby’s rules on netiquette apply. You

can read the guide about Netiquette here.
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Summative Assessment
Summative Assessments are the pieces of coursework that you complete which contribute towards your final grade in this module. Details of the summative assessment are

shown below.


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