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term paper

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This term paper includes two parts.
Term Paper A is a 5 to 7 page paper that identifies and summarizes an environmental problem. This paper is an empirical look at an issue. It should demonstrate

knowledge and understanding of the nature of the problem, the significance of the damage, a review of past and current policy and regulation and an assessment of the

some possible new initiatives or technologies. It is not to be an economic analysis or offer recommendations for dealing with the problem.
Term Paper B is an economic paper that builds directly on Term Paper A. It should make use of the models and the journal articles from the courses to do an economic

analysis and policy critique. It may either involve the use of models to demonstrate the relative welfare impact of alternative policies or regulations or it may be a

critique supported by a literature review.
Note: Term Paper A should be integrated into Term Paper B such that it reads as one paper. The combined paper should be 15-20 pages

For literature review, this means summarizing a group of papers in the field of environmental economics. Further, you must tie the papers together under some common

theme. The literature review will identify the contribution each paper makes in the field. In some cases one or more papers may be an extension of another paper in the

review; in other cases, two or more papers may offer a differing view. You need choose and summarizes four papers found in the reading list on this webpage. Your paper

must be in the following format:
A well developed introduction (1-2 pages) discussing, in a general way, why you are reviewing the papers you have chosen.
Main body of the paper which summarizes the four papers (10-12 pages)
A good conclusion which reiterates the key contribution of each paper, how they may link together, what are their differences, and what can be taken away from your

review of all four papers. (3-4 pages)


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