The evaluation of capital projects

The evaluation of capital projects

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Learning Outcomes
• Analyse different capital budgeting techniques

• Evaluate the information derived from different capital budgeting techniques
Assignment Description

You work at the headquarters of UK Gold Mining Ltd. and are responsible for the evaluation of capital projects. The business is currently trying to decide between 2

proposed mine developments in Yorkshire. Each project has a life of 15 years but one is a larger investment.

Assessment Regulations
•    Your student number must appear on all pages.
•    Pages must be numbered.
•    You are required to add the following declaration in your assignment: “I ………… [name] declare that I am the sole author of this assignment and the work is a

result of my own investigations, except where otherwise stated. All references have been duly cited”.
•    Your attention is drawn to the University policy on cheating and plagiarism. Penalties will be applied where a student is found guilty of academic misconduct,

including termination of programme (Policy link).
•    You are required to keep to the word limit set for an assessment and to note that you may be subject to penalty if you exceed that limit. (Policy link).  You

are required to provide an accurate word count on the cover sheet for each piece of work you submit.
•    For late or non-submission of work by the published deadline or an approved extended deadline, a mark of 0NS will be recorded. Where a re-assessment

opportunity exists, a student will normally be permitted only one attempt to be re-assessed for a capped mark. (Policy link).
•    An extension to the published deadline of up to one week for the submission of a piece of assessed work may be granted to an individual student if they meet

the eligibility criteria of the Business School extensions policy (S:Business SchoolSecureFaculty MeetingsExtensions & Mitigating Circumstances).
•    The assignment should be word processed.
•    The York St John Harvard Referencing system should be used.
•    Examinations are subject to the University Examination Procedures (link).


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