The topic is “The Trojan War: Myth and Reality”

Students are required to write a minimum of 5 full pages, not counting title page and works cited; please keep the essay to no more than 7 pages. Format: Doubled-spaced, typed, font in Times New Roman or Arial, size 12. 1-inch margins all around.

  1. This project will require fieldwork – using the library, the Internet, etc. Sources must be cited.  You will submit a progress report during week 10 consisting of a list of sources, tentative outline, and thesis statement.

  1. Why are you required to write a paper? This exercise will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the processes of historical inquiry and writing (i.e. “How do we know what we know?”).  Reading is a significant part of any historical project.  After selecting a topic, you must include at least four sources. Please do not cite the online encyclopedia Wikipedia or similar general information sites (such as or  It is advisable to avoid using web sites that end in the suffixes “.com,” “.org” or “.net” altogether (conversely those ending in “.gov” or “.edu” are more acceptable). It is strongly recommended that you make use of academic history books available in your local public library system and articles accessible through Ivy Tech’s Virtual Library on Campus Connect. Suggestions for resources are found at the end of each chapter in your text.

  1. Consider this project as an important reflection of your expertise and interest in the topic.

  1. Each student is responsible to submit a clear, concise and well-organized essay free of spelling and grammatical errors.
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