The Unit #2 Readings Essays

Start with The Pew Research Center for People and the Press short ideology quiz that classifies individuals into an ideology group based on the individual’s response to a series of questions.   Take the Pew Typology Test ( (Links to an external site.) ) and review the information regarding your ideology classification. Also, review the other classifications in which Pew categories the American public.

Then Look at the classical world views typology in the course text book (on pages 60 to 65).  Looking the question addressed by each world view – in the left column – then look at the three columns arrayed conservative, radical, and liberal; each offering its unique answer to the question or issue addressed or posed in the left column.

  • You can then give each row (issue or question with three world view responses) nine (9) points and assign in any way that makes sense to you.
    • You can assign more (or all) of the 9 point to the one answer or response with which you agree most or which is most like you.
    • And you can assign fewer (or none ) of the 9 points to the one answer or response with which you agree least or which is least like you.
    • And then you can assign a few more or less (or none) of the 9 points to the one answer or response with which you kind of agree and kind of do not agree or which is somewhat like you and somewhat not like you.
    • By way of example; you cold assign points 9,0,0 or 3,3,3, or 4, 4, 1, or any combination of nine points which makes sense for you.
  • Then when done, at the end of the table and its three columns (on pages 60 to 65) add up your total points for each of the three columns (conservative, radical, liberal) at the end; and you can get some insight into your own classical world view mix… as it stands today.
  • Share your findings and insight on the discussion forum.
  • Finally; under the Readings essay submission box;

Share one key lesson you believe we should all learn from an exploration of “seeing the world through one another’s eyes” (world view).

NOTE Again: this assignment is both the forum discussion and the Reading essay.  For full credit (40 points – 20 points each) you must make submissions in each assignment area.

In this essay – Remember to explain & support your reaction! Reference text materials utilizing “in-text citation” style (regarding author, year, and page #). Your answer should aim at about 500 words or more in response here.

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